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Earth Moving Off the Road Tires

Because earth-moving equipment is usually expensive, its important to install high quality off-the-road (OTR) tires to ensure the equipment is operating at its maximum capacity and at the lowest operating cost. Not all OTR tires are made the same. Because there are so many potential environments across so many industries, it’s important that the OTR tires you install fit the needs of the task and the terrain. Other things you should also consider when choosing OTR tires for your equipment are the tire sizes, the tread depth, load and speed capacities, and rolling resistance.

There are two basic OTR earth-moving tires: bias tires and radial tires. Radial tires are widely more popular and are based on a newer concept where the tread and sidewall are not solid, but instead they work independently from one another. These tires generally take less damage from the ground due to increased shock absorption, which leads to lower maintenance and less cost. These tires also improve operator comfort, decrease fuel consumption, last longer, and have increased traction when compared with bias tires. Bias tires are more traditional. They are made from overlapping rubber plies that are manufactured to be thick and inflexible, allowing them to carry heavier loads than radial tires, however, they’re less stable, wear faster, and tend to consume more fuel as well.

At Travale Tires we have a large selection for earth-moving/OTR tires for various terrains and environments, as well as for various commercial and industrial equipment.

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