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A Zoom Boom is a specific type of telehandler. A telehandler is a popular machine widely used in construction and for many other industrial services. Having the right tires for your telehandler will increase its reliability, performance, and will decrease your total cost of ownership. Like skid steer tires, most telehandler tires are solid rubber. Solid rubber tires last 4 to 8 times longer than any air filled tired and they never go flat, making them the most ideal. They also provide the most stability for your telehandler, allowing the operator to reach tough places with reduced bounce. Regardless, air filled tires are still an option for some operators. Specifically, they are suitable for light duty environments. Air filled tires are much lighter than solid tires and offer a much more comfortable ride for the operator. They’re also the cheapest to purchase up front and install! If you’re looking for a middle ground between air filled and solid tires, then you can purchase foam-filled telehandler tires, which dramatically reduce the risk of a flat tire, however they will cost half or double the price of the air-filled option.

At Travale, our most popular telehandler tire is the, “Brawler HPS Telehandler” solid tire. These are high performance tires designed to perform in the most demanding environments and conditions. The tread design on these tires is wide and flat, therefore providing the operator with excellent stability and counter-weight.

Before you decide what type of tires best accommodate your needs and the needs of your customers, you should review the type of jobsites your telehandlers are operating on and determine how often flat tires have been an issue in the past.

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