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At Travale Tires, we carry skid steer tires for construction, industrial, and commercial use. These heavy-duty tires let you easily drive through dirt, snow, gravel and other loose terrain providing full traction even while carrying heavy loads. The ridged tread on these skid steer tires provide traction where you need it the most. Tread designs vary as they are built to accommodate different surfaces and jobs. You can choose from tires for hard surfaces, loose, soft soil, snow, turf, or gravel and rock. Using a specific tread design to accommodate to the surface your working on will improve the machine’s performance and ultimately reduce your cost per hour! Before making a purchase, take a look at the basic categories for Skid Steer tires:

  • Standard Duty – These tires are used for light landscaping duties and other mild services. Usually found on smaller skid loaders.
  • Heavy Duty – These tires are built with a rim guard and extra thick sidewall bar to help protect the rims and sidewall punctures. These tires also have more traction, longer life, and they are simply high-quality tires ideal for tougher construction work, large snow removal, or large-scale landscaping/farming.,/li>
  • Hard Surfaces – These tires are designed for hard surface services such as concrete and pavement work.

Although some skid steer tires are pneumatic air-filled tires, you can also choose to benefit from solid rubber skid steer tires, especially if you won’t be tackling severe or heavy-duty jobs. Some advantages of air-filled skid steer tires are; lower up-front cost, less damage to soft surfaces, and a smoother ride.

Our most popular solid skid steer tire is the, “Brawler HD Skid Steer Solidflex Traction” solid tire. These are superior performance tires designed to perform in the most severe environments and conditions. They are made from an enhanced rubber compound designed for greater resistance to cutting and chunking. These tires passed the rigorous testing of OEMs such as Bobcat, Case, Caterpillar, Gehl and New Holland.

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