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Scissor lifts are very convenient pieces of equipment that can be found on a majority of construction sites. It’s important for the scissor lift tires to provide traction and stability so the worker can work efficiently and safely. There are generally two types of scissor lift tires to choose from: Solid and non-solid. Solid hard rubber non-marking tires are meant for smooth, clean surfaces typically indoors or at a storage area. On the other hand, foam or air-filled lug pattern or high flotation tires are meant for rough-terrain, usually a congested construction site outdoors.

At Travale Tires we offer a couple options for scissor lift tires: the Trelleborg T539, a versatile tire meant for industrial, agricultural or any high speed services. The other tire, the Trelleborg T559 Turf Grip is mores suitable for slower speed services.

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