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Choosing the Right Forklift Tires

Depending on the job at hand, choosing the correct set of tires will maximize traction and help maintain your forklift. When choosing tires for your forklift, you generally have a few options to consider: cushion tires, solid tires, pneumatic tires, and polyurethane tires.

Solid tires are made solely out of rubber. Because they’re puncture resistant, these forklift tires are ideal for outdoor environments/terrains and recycling yards where there may be stray nails or glass on the ground. At Travale, our featured solid forklift tire is the Trelleborg Elite XP, a premium tire designed for demanding material handling environments.

Like solid tires, cushion tires don’t need to be filled with air to work. They’re also made of a rubber compound, however it’s much thinner allowing it to reduce chunking and cutting. Cushion tires are best for smooth surfaces, primarily indoors or on loading docks. These tires are often very inexpensive since they are not suitable for heavy-duty outdoor work.

Pneumatic tires are those filled with compressed air. These tires are versatile as they can be used for rigorous out-door work as well as for light jobs indoors. Pneumatic tires are often wider; giving them increased stability and grip. These tires also offer the operator a smoother and more comfortable ride. Our featured pneumatic tire for forklifts is the Trelleborg TR-900, which is radially constructed and reinforced with extra resistance against impact.

Polyurethane forklift tires are also made of a solid rubber compound. These tires are often built to last but are only intended to operate on indoor warehouses with little to no debris as they are punctured easily. They’re designed to support a higher carrying capacity than pneumatic tires, but the ride is a lot less comfortable for the operator. At Travale, our featured polyurethane tire is Trelleborg’s Mono-Thane Press-On tire, ideal for smooth floors and cold storage areas.

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